It may seem weird that lice can survive the normal washing conditioning, blow drying, straightening, and curling routines. It seems as though the lice would be washed away, or burned to death. Unfortunately lice are resilient creatures and can can with stand of these routine hair treatments.

How Do They Do It?

The female louse once on the scalp will find an area to lay her eggs. She will attach the laid eggs to a single shaft of hair with a water resist glue-like substance to make sure that her babies aren’t going anywhere. The mother can lay up to ten lice eggs per day, and the eggs take anywhere from seven to 10 days to hatch. Each louse can live up to a month, laying 10 eggs per day. Depending on how long it takes you to discover the lice, this process can lead to an infestation rather quickly.

What Is The Best Treatment?

Using store bough lice treatment shampoo can take a very long time to eliminate a lice problem. It will kill the live lice and some of the eggs, but not all of them. The eggs will continue to hatch and reinfest the hair. If you want to kill all of the lice and all of their eggs, you need the best treatment option in the Redmond area: AirAlle®. AirAlle is a medical device that was created and patented by the Lice Clinics Of America as an effective lice removal treatment. This device has proven to kill 99.2 percent of live lice as well as eggs. It is then followed by a rinse with lice shampoo and a swift comb through with a professional lice removal comb.

If you have a lice infestation on your hands, it is time to contact the Brat Pack Salon for the best lice treatment technique in Redmond.