1. Why Can’t Lice Be Killed With Normal Washing and Drying?

    It may seem weird that lice can survive the normal washing conditioning, blow drying, straightening, and curling routines. It seems as though the lice would be washed away, or burned to death. Unfortunately lice are resilient creatures and can can with stand of these routine hair treatments. How Do They Do It? The female louse once on the scalp will find an area to lay her eggs. She will attach th…Read More

  2. I Just Found Out That My Child Has Lice

    “Mom! My head won’t stop itching. I have been scratching it all morning and it won't seem to stop!” Normally you wouldn’t think anything of this, but you just received a school newsletter stating that their has been a lice outbreak in your child’s school. You pull out your plastic gloves and begin looking through your child’s hair for signs of lice. Unfortunately these tiny pests are g…Read More