It’s officially summer, which means kids will be headed off to summer camp in the Bellevue area and engaged in other activities including sleepovers, swimming parties, summer sports, etc.  Even though your child may be young, kids want to be “in style” when it comes to their haircuts.  Remember the mullet from several decades ago, or those horrible bowl cuts?  No kid wants to be made fun of; our stylists provide the best haircuts in the area, so you’re child always feels confident.  Besides that, parents don’t want their kids to look shaggy, and a great haircut not only feels better during warmer summer months, but is easier to deal with in terms of styling.  It’s all about being “cool” in more ways than one!

Boys have an idea of how they want their hair to look, and girls are definitely into looking their best – even the youngsters.  At Brat Pack Salon in Redmond you can rest assured that whether your kids will soon be off to summer camp or you’re going on vacation, their hair will always look its best.  We’re not your ordinary children’s salon; in fact, we make lookin’ good fun for kids from mani’s and pedi’s to sipping lemonade and enjoying the current tunes kids love.  Additionally, we offer natural head lice treatment in Bellevue to ensure your child enjoys the summer without those pesky bugs, whether it’s off to summer camp, having fun with friends at a sleepover, or just hanging out at the pool or playing in the sandbox in the backyard with their neighborhood friends.  For all of your kids’ hair care needs from cuts to lice prevention and treatment, count on the pros at Brat Pack Salon!  If you’re in Redmond, Bellevue or surrounding areas, give us a call today! Haircuts and non-chemical lice removal are our specialties!

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