Aftercare Instructions

How to Clean

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your studs or ears.
  2. Cleanse the front and back of each piercing with Studex After Piercing Lotion of Studex 3 Week Rapid Care Solution, twice a day, starting 24 hours after the ear is pierced.
  3. Gently move each stub back and forth in the hole while applying the aftercare product.
  4. Follow this routine for a minimum of eight week for lobe piercings and 12 week for cartilage piercings. If your piercings are no longer tender and you have no other issues, you can switch to occasional cleanings.

Between Cleanings

Between cleanings try to keep ears dry and avoid touching your piercings as much as possible, especially if your hands are not clean.

Ensure Proper Position

The studs in the new piercings should be positioned properly to allow for piercings to heal properly. Make sure that the back of the earring is positioned in the notch at the end of the post. If it is pushed closer to the ear, it will not allow for adequate air flow and may cause infection. When the back of the earring is in the proper position, it increases air circulation, which can speed up the healing process.

Use Studs

After your piercing has healed, you can change your earrings, but be sure to only use post-style earrings for at least five month for lobe piercing and 12 months for cartilage.

To Avoid Closure

Be sure to keep a pair of earrings in the piercing for nine to 12 months to prevent the piercings from closing. You can use clear plastic earrings to keep the hole if you can’t wear studs for whatever reason.

Hair Care and Piercings

Try to keep hairspray, shampoo, soap, and other products away from your ear piercings. After shampooing, be sure to rinse the ear with clean water and then clean with your ear care products.

What to Expect

You will likely experience minor swelling and/or redness immediately after the ear is pierced. This should go away within 48 hours as long as you follow the care instruction. If you continue to experience pain, swelling, or redness, seek medical advice.

Be Aware

Be sure that you or your child is careful when sleeping, brushing your hair, playing sports, exercising, talking of the phone, or wearing headphones while piercing are healing. Since they are new, it can be easy to forget about them from time to time.

For Cartilage Aftercare

It is important to remember that cartilage needs extra care and will take longer to heal than lobe piercings. Be gentle, keep it clean, and make sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get infected.

When You Change Earrings

When it comes time to change your earring, be gentle when taking your studs out. It can be difficult to pull the back off the post, so help your children if they were the one who got their ears pierced. Make sure that you use new earrings that are made with high-quality and hypoallergenic material.