When it comes to our hair, adults can be surprisingly temperamental. Turn on any makeover show and you are bound to see grown people throwing tantrums and crying over the most dreaded of events: The haircut! If those of us who are supposed to be grown-up and mature have breakdowns when it comes to trimming our locks, it isn’t surprising that it can be an ordeal for our little ones as well. After all, those buzzing clippers and cold, sharp scissors can be scary!

So what is a loving parent left to do if Timmy bursts into tears any time the stylist gets close to him? You may think that it is simply easier to let Timmy’s hair grow wild and free, saving Timmy from enduring a haircut and saving yourself from having to deal with Timmy’s tantrum during the haircut. There are certainly those rare individuals who can allow their hair to grow with minimal care, but let’s get real for a minute; those people are likely not spending their days playing tag, doing messy class projects, or rolling in the mud with their favorite dog (for those of you who DO manage to have fierce, untamed locks and do all of those things, we salute you). The simple reality is that learning to overcome haircut anxiety is part of growing up. Here are a few tips to help your son or daughter overcome their fear of the scissors.

Show There is Nothing to Fear

Sometimes our actions speak louder than words. Schedule a trim for yourself before your child’s appointment so that they can see that there is no reason to be afraid.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Try to use terms that aren’t the word “cut.” After all, cuts are those things we get when we fall down and they hurt. Other good choices are “trim,” or “clip.”

Find a Specialty Salon

Finding a salon that specializes in kids’ haircuts can do wonders to help alleviate fears. Stylists who are trained to handle the challenges of your youngster’s hair and temperament are sure to ease any doubts or anxiety your kids might have.

The last thing to keep in mind is patience. Sometimes bad experiences are hard to overcome, and that’s okay. Just keep gently nudging your kiddos in the right direction, and they will come around as time goes on. Here at Brat Pack Salon, we understand that better than anyone. If you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable stylists to help your child look and feel her best, you’ve come to the right place. Call to make an appointment or book online today.