Brat Pack Kids Salon in Redmond is the place to go for any and all haircut needs for your family including kids, babies, mom’s and even dad’s! We offer cuts and other hair services for kids of all ages. Say goodbye to the struggles of giving your child a haircut on your own. Say goodbye to the dreaded bowl cut. Our team can help you give your child a haircut that will look great and grow out well on them.

With 30 years of experience,  one million haircuts, we have perfected our craft and have become the # 1 Kids Hair Salon  in the greater Seattle Area. Our team is patient and knows how to handle even hesitant children. We know that some children may struggle with getting a haircut, but our team is patient and highly experienced and they know how to even work with wiggly kids.  From kids who hate haircuts to children who are scared to children with autism to babies, we are able to give them all the same quality of service and keep them calm throughout the process.