In store promotions & coupons: Haircuts, Ear Piercing, Spa Parties,  Lice Removal or Treatments/Screenings,  and Hair Care Products

Specials can be found on our calendar. Check back regularly to see what’s happening.

August: Time to think about back to school, yes it looks a bit different for sure but it is happening. Don’t forget to stock up on your families hair care essentials including shampoo, conditioner and styling aids. 

What’s New? “Happy Hair Rx” : Professional product recommendations, stylists know what products are right for your hair type. Stop wasting time and money by trying products that don’t work.

Our haircuts come with a complimentary “Happy Hair Rx”, a salon prescription to help you find the best products for your hair problems.  Our experienced staff will assess your head of hair, make a professional recommendation and you will enjoy “Happier Hair”.

If you enjoy having unique small businesses in your communities then please shop and buy local. Brat Pack Salon even offers many products at a LOWER cost than you can get anywhere on-line and they come with education on how to use them. The next time you need a product, avoid  thinking “I will just order it on-line”! Many companies are struggling because of this mentality, they need your help trying to survive this pandemic. Challenge yourself, if you “try it locally” then we urge you to “buy it locally”. Your shopping locally is crucial to the survival of many small business right now, be supportive and do your part.

Best wishes for Happy Hair,

Brat Pack

September: NEW Professional Ear Piercing Studio opening in Bellevue

Details to come: Professional piercing for all ages; adults, teens, guys, girl’s and even infants. Call or check back for more info 206 719-2644.