Tweens, teens, kids, and groups alike all love Brat Pack Salon for the same reason: quality, consistency, the great atmosphere, and the great, dependable service. Whether you are looking for something as simple as a children’s haircut or a great place to throw a spa party for the kids, Brat Pack Salon is sure to make your experience enjoyable and fun.

We offer kids manicures, pedicures, fun  hairstyle, and other playful surprises at our spa birthday parties. From the top of your head down to your toes, we will go above and beyond to make your treatments with us memorable, exciting, and beautifying. Your little girl will feel like a princess with her curled hair, sparkly makeover, and artsy nails, while sipping on a glass of pink lemonade and jammin’ to her favorite boy band with friends.  Whether you choose to host a party or just schedule a solo service, you will get “the works.” Your children will have a harder time leaving our salon than they do the candy store.

At Brat Pack Salon, we want our customers to be completely satisfied, which is why we create an experience instead of just a service. For us, it is all about attention to detail and the treatment of each and every customer. We want you to leave our salon already looking forward to the next time that you will return!