“Mom! My head won’t stop itching. I have been scratching it all morning and it won’t seem to stop!” Normally you wouldn’t think anything of this, but you just received a school newsletter stating that their has been a lice outbreak in your child’s school. You pull out your plastic gloves and begin looking through your child’s hair for signs of lice. Unfortunately these tiny pests are great at camouflage and can be hard to spot, especially to the unaided eye. If you are having a hard time seeing them, try looking along the hairline or behind the ears.

My Child Has Great Hygiene, How Could She Catch Lice?

Contrary to popular belief, all children’s heads are fair game to lice. They like clean hair just as much as they like dirty hair. Lice like the warmth that hair provides for them to lay their eggs.They will lay their eggs close to the scalp and wait for them to hatch. Most commonly lice are spread between elementary-school-aged kids that are hanging out in close proximity. Lice cannot jump or fly from head to head, they need the opportunity of heads touching to transfer into the hair of another. The female lice will transfer to a new head and immediately start laying eggs. They survive by sucking small amounts of blood from the scalp of their host.

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