It may seem weird that lice can survive the normal washing, conditioning, blow drying, straightening, and curling routines. It seems as though the lice would be washed away, or burned to death. Unfortunately lice are resilient and can can with stand these routine hair treatments. Lice activity happens so close to the scalp that hot styling tools don’t come into contact with the bugs and their pincher like claws cling onto single strands of hair.

Lice Life Cycle

The female louse once on the scalp will find an area to lay her eggs. She will attach the laid eggs to a single shaft of hair with a water resist glue-like substance to make sure that her babies aren’t going anywhere. The mother can lay up to ten lice eggs per day, and the eggs take anywhere from seven to 10 days to hatch. Each louse can live up to a month, laying 10 eggs per day. Depending on how long it takes you to discover the lice, this process can lead to an infestation rather quickly.

Get Rid of Lice

Using home remedies or store bough lice treatment shampoo can take a very long time to eliminate a lice problem. It will kill some of the live lice but none of the eggs. The eggs will continue to hatch over a period of 10 days and will re infest the hair. If you are looking for a fast, effective and safe solution, a great choice is to get a heated air lice treatment which kills lice by dehydration. The AirAlle® machine is an FDA cleared device which  is proven to be over 99.2% effective at killing lice eggs. Brat Pack’s Lice Salon gets rid of lice in just 1 hour: 30 minutes for the lice dehydration, a 30 minute detailed comb out using a professional Terminator Lice Comb and then a lice shampoo is applied. “Lice free“ is as easy as 1-2-3. We guarantee it for 5 weeks!  

Compare Heated Air Salon VS Combing/Nitpicking Salon     

Combing has always been the gold standard for head lice removal but with the introduction of the heated air treatments you clearly have a better choice. Parents are busy and time is precious, when you choose a heated treatment you get in, treated and out in just 1 hour. If you choose a comb out clinic, removal can take up to 3 and a half hours for girls with long hair or clients with severe infestations. Guarantees aren’t all they seem to be, only the Heated Air Clinics are a one time visit service, there is no required re check or at home combing whatsoever. Brat Pack Lice Salon uses dehydration technology and gives you a 5 week guarantee after only 1 visit.  Combing Salons void their guarantees when you and your family can’t make it in for their second second visit, additionally they will charge your for your recheck, more wasted time and money.

The Best Professional Lice Removal and Treatment Salon

When it comes to finding bugs in their hair parents panic and don’t know what to do. Brat Pack Lice Salon offers an effective and save removal service for families that will give you relief and the peace of mind you are looking for and they are a great resource for all lice questions. For over 25 years the Salon has been trusted by moms and dads to provide quality services and excellent customer care and have always maintained a 5 star Google reputation. For busy parents who are looking for the fastest available lice removal remedy,  the FDA cleared one hour, one visit service using the heated air device cant’t be beat. The professionals at Brat Pack Lice Salon offer free lice education and are a great resource center for teachers, parents or anyone dealing with a possible case of pediculosis.

How To Get Rid of lice In Your House?

Lice live on your head, not in your home. The biggest concern is live, walking bugs, not the eggs, so keep it simple. The two week bag everything up is a lie. Live lice can only survive off a human host for up to 48 hours and fallen eggs can’t hatch without the warmth and humidity of a human scalp. The biggest concern is live bugs, not eggs . Focus on items you will be wearing, sitting on or that will come into contact with your hair in the next 2 days; clothing, stuffed animals, bedding, sports gear, hats, stuffed animals etc., then simply quarantine the rest or just head out of town for 2 days. It is not necessary to use bleach or the 2 hour sanitizing cycle, it is the heat of the dryer kills the bugs. Hair care items like combs, brushes, hair ties and such can be cleaned with hot soapy water, tossed in a zip lock bag and stored in the freezer overnight. If an item can’t be washed then toss it in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes or isolate it in a bag or room for 48 hours. You don’t need to buy  lice spray for household furniture,  it is better to simply vacuum or use lint roller which will effectively pick up stray bugs and is great for car seats etc. Spend more time on lice prevention on your head, not your home.

If you have a lice infestation on your hands, it is time to contact the Brat Pack Salon for the best lice treatment technique available on the Eastside.