kid-headbandWinter is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking creative when it comes to accessorizing. We know that you have fun adding a bit of flare here and there when you go out and about, your kids are no different! The good news is that while the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean the end of cute hairstyles. There are innumerable ways to accessorize during the colder winter months, and as your local kids’ salon, Brat Pack has the hottest ways to add some pizazz to your kiddo’s hairstyles. Let’s take a closer look!


Headbands are always a classic way to accessorize. But in winter months, they can serve a double purpose. If you are crafty, you can style your kid’s hair to keep them warm and looking and feeling great. This is particularly true for kids with long hair. Those long, flowing locks can do wonders to keep those ears from getting too chilly. If you pair a down-do with a thick headband or one made from warm materials, you can help to ensure that your child stays warm (and just a bit chic) all winter long.


Bows are a holiday classic, but like any style or accessory, there is a way to rock these pretty accessories in different seasons. Larger bows tend to make a spring/summer statement. Smaller, more delicate bows in metallic tones are the way to go in the winter months. Dark, jewel tones are also a great way to incorporate the feel of the season, reflecting the temperature and the holidays. Opt for a long, full braid and tie it off with a bow at the end, or opt for bows on clips to pin back wayward locks when the winter breezes blow.


This may seem counterintuitive, but adding flowers to your child’s hairstyle can actually be a wonderful winter statement. We typically thing summer or spring when we see flowers, but tiny red or white roses clipped into your child’s hair reflect the spirit of the season. Delicate white flowers adorning a headband are the perfect complement, echoing the delicate nature of the snow and the season. The key here is to keep it simple and to opt for colors that are prominent in the winter season. White, red, creams, and minimal metallic tones are all a great choice.

Set the Foundation

Of course, the greatest accessories will still fail to impress if the foundation they are laid on isn’t solid. A poor haircut can’t be hidden by even the most beautiful accessories. We know how much you love your kids, and we know you want them to feel great all year-round. So before the family comes in from out of town this holiday season, come in and visit Brat Pack Salon. Our team is dedicated to helping your child look and feel her best. Make an appointment today!