1. Perfect Kids Haircuts for the Fall Part Two

    Welcome back! Last time we took a closer look at some great boy’s haircuts for the fall season. If you missed it, you can find it here. Today, it’s the girls’ turn, and we’ve got some fantastic styles we’re sure you will love. Girls' Hair-Dos The Inverted Bob The inverted bob has regained popularity in the last few years and is a great choice for the fall. Short in the back and longer in…Read More

  2. Best Winter Hair Accessories for Kids

    Winter is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking creative when it comes to accessorizing. We know that you have fun adding a bit of flare here and there when you go out and about, your kids are no different! The good news is that while the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean the end of cute hairstyles. There are innumerable ways to accessorize during the colder win…Read More

  3. What to Do When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

    Kids can be quite inventive and creative, wowing us daily with their insights and their intelligence. But sometimes the creativity we treasure and admire can find outlets that we wish they hadn’t dialed into. At a young age, kids begin to express their independence and their creativity in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, their soft locks can become the unwitting victim of that newfound independen…Read More

  4. Surviving Your Kid’s Haircut Meltdowns

    When it comes to our hair, adults can be surprisingly temperamental. Turn on any makeover show and you are bound to see grown people throwing tantrums and crying over the most dreaded of events: The haircut! If those of us who are supposed to be grown-up and mature have breakdowns when it comes to trimming our locks, it isn’t surprising that it can be an ordeal for our little ones as well. After…Read More

  5. Perfect Kids Haircuts for the Fall

    Adults aren’t the only ones revamping their style just in time for the fall season. Kids across Washington are anticipating the fall colors and all of the great activities that Autumn brings. Think jumping through the leaves, playing tag and hide and seek in the cool autumn air, and counting down the days until the sugar rush of Halloween trick-or-treating. As Fall comes creeping along, your kid…Read More